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Sport Psych Academy & Team Workshops

Carolina Strategies is excited to offer a new Psychological Performance Academy for junior athletes.  The Academy consists of 6 hours of training sessions taught at the introductory level and 6 hours at the advanced level. The introductory series focuses on building skills in goal setting, visualization, attentional control, emotional regulation, and performance routines to solidify basic techniques to improve their mental game.

The second series focuses on more advanced techniques for maintaining focus, building greater confidence, developing a long-term vision for their sport, creating positive pre-performance triggers using technology, and maintaining resilient thought patterns. Take home projects are assigned weekly and particular attention is given to uniquely applying these strategies to each individual athlete taking the course. It is expected that athletes enrolled in the courses are highly motivated to improve their mental game and are ready and willing to be an active participant in the course.

Team Workshops are requested by coaches or parents who want to strengthen a particular aspect of their team’s mental approach, improve team cohesion, or resolve team conflict. These workshops are individually tailored to the team’s needs based on an in-depth needs assessment with the coaches and occasionally the team captains. Workshops can be conducted off-site at our office or at the team’s training facility, depending on the size of the team. Follow-up workshops help to solidify and fine-tune which strategies will be most helpful to the team. Since no two teams are the same, particular attention is given to selecting strategies most likely to fit with the team’s identity.

Current Offerings

  • Date and time TBD
  • Located at Carolina Strategies
  • 2000 Regency Pkwy, Suite 285 Cary, NC 27518
  • Cost: $249

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